World: Training 272756 
After 9 happy years of hosting angry, audacious attackers and desperate, doomed defenders in a series of tense territorial tournaments, we sadly have to close down Empire Attack.
Empire Attack is closing July 26th 2017.
We plan to keep Season 1&2 leaderboards available.
Thank you so much for playing.
Empire Attack - World Selection
Training Game
No chat, no achievements, no stats saved -
Probably worth logging in (Free) to play the games with features...
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Training 272756   PLAY  
Level 1: Quick games 15 - 30 minutes
Features Mountain and River terrain - 3 coin types - Chat
A good place to collect achievements and skill points
Andromeda games (Locked: free login to unlock)
Level 2: Massive 10 Day games
Additional Walls feature in terrain....
Will your Empire still be there in the morning?
Betelgeuse games (Locked: free login to unlock)
Level 3: Country games 40 - 80 minutes
Play with your Country Flag - Is your Country on the leaderboard?
Lost City Feature - with bonuses. Gold and Silver Coin rich.
Empires decay if neglected for too long.
Capricorn games (Locked: 1,250 skill pts to unlock)
Level 4: Advanced Battleground. Power Games
Full on 30 minutes. A lot of everything - all the time. Advanced players only. Starts on the hour and half past...
Upgradeable weapons, defences and other abilities.
Deimos games (Locked: 2,000 skill pts to unlock)
Level 5: Enhanced 10 day games
Diamonds hidden in the hills. Use Diamonds to upgrade abilities in the Empire Store. Click on the hills to check for Diamonds.
Earth games (Locked: 2,000 skill pts to unlock)
Level 6 Clan Games
Between one and 5 players can compete with a single Empire. 6 hour games. Scarce but valuable diamonds. Games start at midnight, 6am, 12 noon and 6pm GMT. More information at Clan Admin.
Fortuna games (Locked: 2,000 skill pts to unlock)
See the battle replay and statistics from previous (and current) games.
Play levels 1 and 2 with faster screen updates, chat, world terrain,
earn awards and save your statistics. Free login

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