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Abandoned Empire In the 'play' screen you can choose to abandon your current empire, giving you the option to start a new one in that world. An abandoned empire will start to decay because nobody is ruling it. It is possible to take control of an abandoned empire if you know its name, by choosing it from the list of empires when entering a game world.
Achievements Whenever you gain skill points you are also given an award for your achievement. The first award is a bronze medal, and the awards get progressively more 'valuable' as the skill points increase. Each skill point category has its own set of achievement awards, and you can view yours from the 'statistics' screen by clicking 'achievements', or by clicking the small icon at the top of the screen next to your user name.
Action Replay Be slecting 'battle replay' on the world selection screen, you can see a 'map' view of an action replay of the game so far. The controls allow you to step forwards or backwards through the game, at varying speeds. You can also choose to review a different game, and you can list the participants by empire name or user name.
Attacking If another Empire owns a square adjacent to one that you own, then you can attack by adding your own population to the enemy square. Each time you do so, the enemy population will be reduced - if it reaches zero then you have defeated that square. Any further population you add will claim the square for your Empire.
Autoscroll Autoscroll can be enabled or disabled using the options popup on the play screen. When enabled, adding population near the edge of the screen will cause the display to scroll automatically so as to show more terrain beyond that edge. Regardless of the autoscroll setting, you can scroll the play screen using the large black arrows, or by dragging with the left mouse button.
Bonus Multipliers When adding population to a square, the number added may be increased by a bonus multiplier. These are given for placing population on a square which is near to your city, or which has more than one neighbouring square belonging to you.
Bot See 'Robot'
Chat In all except Training worlds, you can chat with the other players in your world. Clicking the left-pointing triangle beside the 'chat' box will allow you to type a message, and to choose whether to send it to everyone or just to a specific player. Normally you can only see the last message that was sent, but by pressing the upward-pointing triangle you can show the last 15 messages. Messages sent privately to you are shown in italics, public messages are in regular text. Your own messages appear in green. Chat can be switched off from the 'options' menu using the icon at the bottom right of the play area.
To ignore messages from a particular empire in any game, enter the special chat message '*ignore ' followed by the empire name - for example '*ignore apring'. You will not see any more messages from that empire during the current session. You can ignore several empires at once - to restore them all, type '*ignore none'
City Each Empire has a capital city, which must be defended at all costs. If the city is captured by another Empire then all your land will be forfeit and you will have to build a new Empire from scratch. The city is indicated on the game board by a square with an animated dotted rectangle around it.
Clans Some Elite games are also Clan games. A clan is a collection of players, all of whom play for the same empire in a clan game. All skill points, awards and achievements are credited to the clan rather than to individual players. Up to 5 clan members can play simultaneously for their empire, although a clan may contain many more than 5 members. However a player may only belong to one clan at a time. More information on clans can be found here.
Coin Cascade When bonus coins appear close to each other, it is possible that capturing one bonus will trigger another. This in turn may trigger a third, and so on - forming a chain reaction or 'coin cascade'. Triggering a large cascade will earn you skill points.
Coins At intervals, coin bonuses will be created randomly in the world. Capturing a square containing a coin will give you an area bonus - the amount of population that you add will also be added to each square in an area surrounding the coin. The size of the area depends on which type of coin you captured - bronze, silver or gold. If the bonus population reaches another coin, it will also generate a further bonus - in this way quite large chain reactions can occur if sufficient coins are close enough to each other.
Decay Empires which have been abandoned, will start to decay - the population will decrease over time. Similarly areas whose supply lines have been cut will also decay.
Diamonds Items in the Empire Store are priced in Diamonds. When starting an Elite game you may be given an initial budget to customise your empire, but you can also discover extra diamonds by mining in the hills in Elite games. The first time you add population to an unexplored hill you will discover whether or not diamonds are present - if they are then the hill will be replaced with a diamond icon. To claim the diamonds you need to add sufficient population to work the mine, at which point your earnings will be added to your budget.
Drainage Purchasable from the Empire Store, drainage can be deployed on a river or lake and will empty an area of water over a few minutes. The drain's capacity is partly determined by the population counter when it is first deployed. You can attack and destroy a drain if it is helping one of your enemies.
Elite Games Games at level 4 and above are known as Elite games. Only qualified players can join an Elite game - at present players are required to have gained at least 2,000 skill points. Elite games offer additional game features such as custom flags, clans, weapons and upgrades.
Empire The name given to a collection of squares, all belonging to one player. In each world, a player may only control one Empire at a time - if a different Empire is selected then the current Empire will be abandoned and may start to decay.
Empire Store Elite games offer the chance to customise your empire by selecting from various items in the Empire Store. Items include weapons upgrades to increase your attacking strength and range, defensive shields, bridges and ladders for crossing rivers and walls, and many more. Items are purchased using diamonds, which can be earned by mining in Elite games.
Forum An Empire Attack forum is maintained at The forum is owned and run by a third party but is supported by the creators of Empire Attack.
Game Duration Different game worlds last for different lengths of time. You can find out how much time is left in the current game by going to the statistics page. Some time before the game ends, it will be closed to new players - this information is also available on the statistics page.
Hills Hills can help to make a defendable area, but be aware that they can be crossed. The amount of population required to cross a hill can be discovered by hovering the mouse pointer over it.
Lakes Similar to rivers, lakes can be crossed or turned into habitable terrain but it costs a certain amount of population to do so. You can find out how much by hovering the mouse pointer over the lake.
Leaderboard By selecting the 'Leaders' page you can view the current leaderboard, which lists world results and if you are logged in the results for your country (as indicated when you registered). Initially you will see listed the top player in each of several categories, but by clicking the category name you can see the top 20 playes in that category. If present, your name will be highlighted in the list.
Lost City In some worlds, you can try to find Lost Cities. Clues to their locations are issued at intervals; it is up to you to use the clues to trace the Lost City. A Lost City is invisible until you add population to its square, when it will be shown as a multicoloured symbol (it will remain invisible to other players). Adding sufficient population to capture the lost city will earn you one of several types of bonus.
Mountains Mountains are uncrossable and so can be useful defensive features. Be aware that it may be possible for an enemy to travel around the mountains by conquering the surrounding hills.
Plague On rare occasions, a clicked coin will be infected with plague spores which may infect nearby squares in your empire or an enemy's. The plague turns population to zombies - kill them before it spreads.
Player The owner of an Empire. When registering to play Empire Attack, players must choose a unique username so that they can be identified by the system and other players.
Population Each square in the play area can contain a population belonging to one Empire. To populate a square, allow the population counter to increase and then click the square you wish to populate. Note that you can normally only populate squares which you already own, or which are adjacent to squares you own.
Power Games Elite games shorter than 20 minutes.
Protected City When an Empire has just started, its city is protected and cannot be captured by another Empire. The protected status is indicated by an animated solid rectangle around the square. Protection ends when the empire reaches a certain size or population.
Restart To abandon your empire and restart a game, go to the 'play' screen and choose to abandon your empire, then re-enter the game using the play option. You can own empires in several worlds at a time but you can only have one empire per world, and you can only be actively playing in one world at a time.
River Bonus Under certain mysterious circumstances, a special bonus will be awarded when crossing a river.
Rivers Rivers can be crossed, but it costs a certain amount of population to do so. If you need to cross a river it is worth looking for the easiest place to cross - hover the mouse pointer over the river and you will see a message telling you how much population is needed to cross at that point.
Robot An artificial player created by the game developers, so that there will always be someone to play against even if no other human players are active in a particular game. Robots play fairly realistically, and wins against them improve your rankings.
Scripting The use of automated or semi-automated scripts to play or assist in playing the game is not permitted. Sanctions that may be taken against players who are found to be using scripts include suspension from the game for an unspecified duration, disowning of empires, deletion of accounts, and banning of IP addresses. Suspicious behaviour can be reported to
Skill Points When playing Empire Attack you will occasionally be awarded Skill Points for reaching significant milestones - conquering a number of enemy Empires, expanding your empire to a large size, finishing a game in first place, etc. Accumulating Skill Points will unlock game features. You can view the Skill Points of your opponents to gain an impression of how experienced they are, when deciding whether to attack or act peacefully.
Sound Various game events have sounds associated with them. If you are using a browser other than Internet Explorer then you may need to install Quicktime to be able to hear the sounds. You can switch the sounds on or off in the 'options' popup on the play screen.
Statistics The statistics page displays the statistics of the current game as well as your statistics over all the games you have played. On this page you can discover how long the current game has left to run, how all the players are performing, how long you have been playing, your skill points, etc. There is also a link to allow you to see your achievements and awards.
Supply Lines At regular intervals during the game, supplies are sent out from your city to the rest of your Empire. If any of your territory has become separated and is not reachable from the city, then it will suffer losses due to lack of supplies - if you have only a few people you will lose that land altogether. It is important to try to keep your Empire intact, and it is a useful strategy to try to break up enemy Empires.
Thunderbolt A rare weapon which can be discovered in Elite games.
Walls Some worlds contain walls. These are unclimbable, and cannot be captured or attacked. It is sometimes possible to cross a wall using a coin bonus, but the resulting territory will be separated from your city and so liable to decay through lack of supplies. Walls can help to make an easily-defended area of your Empire.
Wasteland Wasteland can only hold a limited population and provides no sustenance, so the population decays over time.
Winning The winner is the empire with the largest area at the end of the game. However, many players choose different goals - such as capturing the most empires, or gaining the most skill points - in order to increase their ratings in the various categories of the leaderboard.
Worlds Empire Attack is played in a variety of different worlds, each with their own set of game features. World types range from Training levels for unregistered players who simply want to see what Empire Attack is all about, through quick Andromeda level games, extended Betelgeuse games, and beyond.
Zero Games Games ending in a zero (e.g. Betelgeuse 30) will have a much larger number of bonus coins available. You can use these games to achieve the Coin Cascade award.
Zombies See 'Plague'

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