Empire Attack - Instructions
Game Objective: The winner is the player with the largest empire by area, so grow your empire and attack others.
Step 1: Choose an empire.
Step 2: You will see your empire flag in the middle of the play screen.
Click on the flag, or any square next to it, and your empire will grow.
Overall Objective: Improve your ranking by winning awards for achievements.
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Growing your Empire
Adding population to an empty square next to one of yours will expand your empire. More than one million squares are available in the game world.
The greater the population in any square, the better it is defended.
Clicking the 'Populate' button toggles populating on and off. This is useful if you wish to place a specific amount of population on a square.
Bonus Multipliers
Your population is boosted when adding people to:
  •   A square near to your city, or
  •   A square with more than one neighbour already belonging to your empire.
The maximum population per square is 500,000
Buttons and Controls
Click the arrows to scroll around the map, or click and drag the map area.
Click the MAP button to zoom out to the regional map, and the 'world' button to zoom out to the world map. Click on the 'grid' button to zoom back in.
Click the 'Return to City' button to return the map to your city start point.
The longer you wait, the faster the count increases.
Click the 'Refresh' button to update the map with other players' changes.
Hover the mouse over any flag to see the Empire name and population of that area.
Attacking enemy territory
By adding people to a square that is not owned by your Empire, you will remove the equivalent number from your enemy's population in that square.
If you add more people than are currently in the square then you will capture the territory.
For example, if the enemy has 30 people in a square and you attack it with 40 people, then you will capture the square with 10 of your people remaining.
Hovering the mouse over a square will show its population and the name of the Empire that owns it.
Try to attack weak points on your enemy's land, to cut the supply lines
Attacking enemy cities
If you capture an enemy city you will capture ALL their territory and your empire will grow considerably.
New and small cities may be protected for a short time.
Supply Lines
At regular intervals during the game, supplies are sent out from your city to the rest of your Empire. If any of your territory has become separated and is not reachable from the city, then it will suffer losses due to lack of supplies - if you have only a few people you will lose that land altogether.
It is important to try to keep your Empire intact, and it is a useful strategy to try to break up enemy Empires.
More info: See the Glossary.

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