Empire Attack - Rules
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Player Names: Player and Clan names must not be offensive or insulting, and must not be intended to be easily confused with another player or clan's name. Racist, religious or overtly sexual names are not allowed. Names must not imply the endorsement of, or connection with, the administrators or creators of Empire Attack.
Scripts: The use of scripts, macros or other automated methods for playing Empire Attack, is not permitted.
Language: Empire Attack is intended for players of all ages; and bad language is not permitted in the in-game chat. This includes swearing and obscenities, and insulting, racist, sexist or other offensive language.
Custom Flags: Custom flags are intended to identify an individual player, not to confuse other players. A custom flag must not replicate or simulate any existing in-game graphics, or any other player's flag.
It is also forbidden to use flags which are offensive in any way. In particular you may not use images which are obscene, are associated with racist or other offensive groups, or which contain offensive text.
Multiple accounts: An individual user account may not be logged in on more than one browser at a time. Multiple concurrent logins of the same account will result in automatic logouts until only one session is remaining.
However it is permitted for a player to manually operate several different accounts (or 'alts') simultaneously in a game, by using multiple web browsers or computers. The use of alts must be limited to a reasonable number and must not put an excessive load on the game server. Scripting or automation of alts is forbidden.
Loopholes and Bugs: Deliberately exploiting loopholes, bugs or unintended features of the game to gain advantage over other players or to disrupt the game in any way, is not permitted.
Players who discover a bug or loophole, or who notice other players exploiting one, should report it to the game administrators for investigation.
Penalties: Breaking the rules will incur a penalty, which may include immediate suspension from the game for an indeterminate period. Typically the duration of the suspension will increase with subsequent offences. Inappropriate player or clan names or custom flags will be changed or deleted, and a suspension may also be issued.
There are automatic and manual systems in place for detecting players who break the rules.
In case of dispute, the decision of the game administrators is final.
Reporting: A player who breaks the rules can be reported by sending an email to - please give as much relevant information as possible, such as the date and time of the offence, the player name, empire name, and the world being played.

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